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Colorado Business Insurance protects businesses along with its owners, officers, directors and stockholders against loss resulting from litigation or damage to its assets such as equipment, buildings, tools and automobiles.

No matter what type of business operations you have our expert staff can help guide you through the insurance purchasing process.  In addition to providing your company money-saving quotes, we also provide companies with FREE risk management consulting and insurance policy reviews.


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Business Insurance Coverage Glossary:

Below you will find some of the most common coverages carried by businesses along with their respective definitions.

Commercial Auto Insurance – Unlike personal auto insurance, businesses have specific needs when it comes to insuring their commercial fleets.

A commercial auto policy is similar to a personal auto policy, but it includes some unique coverages and limits. For example, your policy may include the following coverages:

  • Liability Limits– A commercial policy will typically carry limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence.
  • Hired Autos – Covers vehicles you rent for business purposes.
  • Non-Owned Vehicles – Liability protection for businesses when employees use their vehicles on company time.  (*Coverage is excess to employees’ personal auto policies.)

Statistically, a company’s greatest likelihood for a large loss will arise from a vehicle-related claim.  Contact our office to speak with one of our commercial fleet experts about how to protect your company and its vehicles.

Property Insurance – Insurance coverage for your company’s building, inventory, office contents, and other fixed assets.

General Liability Insurance – A traditional general liability insurance policy covers lawsuits that arise from bodily injury and property damage inflicted upon others.  It can also cover damages in other areas like libel and slander.

Worker’s Compensation – Workers compensation insurance protects your business and employees should they be injured on the job.  While it is mandated in most states, workers compensation rates, coverages, and limit options will vary based on the nature of your business.

Group Life and Disability Insurance – In addition to group life and disability insurance our agency can help your company with key man life insurance.   Key man life insurance is life insurance policy taken out by the business to protect itself against the financial loss it could potentially suffer from the loss of one its key employees.   Key man life insurance can also between partners to fund the sale of their respective shares of stock in the untimely passing of one of the owners.

Business Interruption Insurance – Coverage for the loss of revenue from covered claims.   Provides revenue to the business until they are able to full restore operations.   The amount paid by the insurance company can include ongoing expenses, additional expenses incurred by the business due to the claim, employee payroll, and loss revenue.